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EL Wire

EL Wire used in Ice Hotel by designers Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas–Jones

How to buy Surelight's EL Wire

Purchasing Surelight's electroluminescent (EL) wire couldn't be easier! We have three simple options of how to buy:

Option 1: Choose an EL Wire Length

This option allows you to buy whatever length you want, in any of our 6 grades of wire.

Choose a Length of EL Wire

Option 2: EL Wire Fixed Lengths.

This option is the cheaper option, but you are limited to specific lengths and we only supply these lengths in our Super Bright grade.

Fixed Lengths of EL Wire

Option 3: EL Wire Evaluation Kits.

EL Wire Evaluation Kits provide you with the opportunity to view our wire samples before making a purchase for your specific design. Our Wire Evaluation Kits come in a range of three sizes.

EL Wire Evaluation Kits

Best Selling EL Wire

3 Piece EL Wire Evaluation Kit Super Bright EL Wire 10 Metres Mini EL Wire - Click for more information...

3 Piece EL Wire Evaluation Kit

More Info on 3 Piece EL Wire Evaluation Kit

Super Bright EL Wire 10 Metres

More Info on Super Bright Eixed Length EL Wire

Mini EL Wire - Choose a Length

More Info on Mini EL Wire


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